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Teaching #200 was a two-part teaching on March 9, 2021. Please click a teaching below to see details for one of the two teachings.

200 – The Promise: Future Considerations, Part 8, Session 1

Expository teaching on Romans 8. God’s redemptive work in Christ saved us from death and despair and made us God’s sons and daughters in Christ. Now that we are His children, nothing can separate us from God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. [Wayne Merrill]

2000 – test

Jesus called the Devil “the prince of this world” indicating that he now holds the authority which once belonged to Adam. However, he is also called “the god of this age” indicating that his reign is a temporary one. This reign will end in his complete destruction. Meanwhile, we as representatives of Christ in this world have authority over all of his words and works. [Tom Burke]